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What a Little Birdy Told Me is offering a series of workshops that will appeal to parents with children of all ages. Knowledgable presenters will cover topics and share insight into some of the secrets of parenting.

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SATURDAY, 9.18.21
12:30-2 PM

Mindfulness, Yoga & the Core Strength Connection

Join Jenny and Lucy Diamond-Moore (CMT 200) as they share the benefits of mindfulness and yoga on the social and emotional well-being of children. Learn about recent research that looks at the impact of core strength on classroom outcomes and yoga as an intervention. Leave with a breathing exercise and some mindfullness tips to use at home. This fun class will be interactive and offer practical activities to use right away.

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THURSDAY, 9.30.21
7-9 PM

Function Junction: the Connection Between Executive Function & Organization


"I attended the Function Junction workshop with the hope that I would become better equipped to support my teen as she navigates her busy schedule. Not only did I gain valuable resources for day to day life, I walked away feeling so supported by Jenny and Sara's well-founded and compassionate approach".-Meagan L

We hear a lot about how important executive functioning can be for school success, but what exactly are these skills? This workshop will explain these important abilities and help parents learn how to support their child as executive functioning skills develop. Jenny and professional organizer Sara Johnston of Simply Sara will offer practical tips for everything from organizing thoughts, materials, spaces and time to encourage your child as they grow both in independence at home and in school. Suitable for parents with children of all ages.

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SUNDAY, 10.3.21 
3-5 PM

Unpacking Executive Function: a Primer for Teens & Caregivers

Children aren't born with executive function skills, but they are born with the potential and ability to develop them. As the brain matures, so do the skills...when they are taught and nurtured. 

Sometimes it's helpful when teens and their adults hear the same information at the same time! This workshop is for middle and high school students and a parent(s) or caregiver looking for a little help with time management, task initiation, organization, planning, prioritizing and self-regulation. We'll unpack these executive functioning skills and examine strategies to use right away. Bring your planner and your issues to this safe space where we recognize how challenging this kind of thinking can be.