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Secrets of Parenthood Revealed

Based in Lawrence, Kansas

Serving the Northeast Kansas Community


Let Jennifer Baker Powers, M.Ed. with What a Little Birdy Told Me share the expertise she has gained over more than two decades of working with children and families. Areas of consultation include realigning authority, setting boundaries, behavioral challenges, school related issues, understanding developmental milestones, spectrum and processing disorders, as well as potty training. She is skilled at working with scholars of all ages on executive functioning challenges and learning differences. She offers a thoughtful approach to working with students that inspires a love for learning. Additionally, Jenny believes that a child's behavior is impacted strongly by environment and from that perspective designs spaces that meet the child's need for independence, concentration and order. Jenny draws on years of experience as

an educator and a mother to provide an empathetic ear and practical solutions to the needs of your family.   

Inclusive. Supportive. Accessible as possible. If we've missed something, we would like to adjust.


Jenny has been such a huge asset to our family. I have consulted with her several different times while raising three boys. She has helped us with various issues such as bedtime routines, power struggles and whining. Her knowledge and expertise allow her to offer great insight, perspective and practical solutions. She offers ways to improve your parenting that work for you-not against you. Jenny is really good at helping you identify why you are having an issue and then figuring out creative and efficient ways to solve it. If you find yourself frustrated more often than not, contact Jenny. She will make your family life more peaceful, rewarding and fun!

Molly M.

  • let's find out what's going on

    1 hr 30 min

    100 US dollars
  • let's put a plan into action

    1 hr

  • let's see it in action

    1 hr

  • let's get the space just right

    3 hr

    tbd after consult
  • let's get stuff done

    45 min

    60 US dollars
  • let's stay on top of things

    45 min

    $230/four sessions
  • let's love learning

    45 min

    60 US dollars


Jennifer Baker Powers, M.Ed. is an educational specialist by trade and practice. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas and holds a Masters degree in Education from Loyola University in Baltimore. Jenny is an early childhood and parenting expert as well as a certified Montessori educator with more than twenty years of classroom experience. Jenny applies this background as a foundation for her role of Learning Support Specialist with middle and high school aged students. Areas of specialization include parent-child dynamics, home and family life, executive functioning skills, school accommodations, navigating the SPED system, child behavior and adaptive design. Most importantly, she is the mother of three with an abundance of tricks up her sleeve. Her passion is helping children and helping families.

Based in Lawrence, Kansas

serving the Northeast Kansas Community


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