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Executive Functioning: tips and tricks in a self-paced primer

Does your child have difficulty with time management, organization and planning? This might be because the area of the brain that directs these executive functioning tasks is one of the last to develop. Many children and teens need a little support with skills that involve working memory, flexible thinking and inhibitory control. Many parents are looking for ways to help!

We hear a lot about executive functioning skills and how important they are for success in school, but what are they exactly? Take a look at

This self-paced slide show covers the basics and offers helpful strategies and tips that can be applied right away. Areas covered include time management, planning, prioritzing, emotional regulation and impulse control, organzation of materials and sustained focus. There is a little bit of brain science and a little bit of motivation. Most importantly, what kids (and parents) need to know is that executive functioning skills must be learned and practiced. They have nothing to do with intelligence. The format of this presentation is designed for a student and/or a caregiver to watch and review, while applying suggestions to their own lives in an immediate and practical way. Think of it as a self-paced webinar just for you! Practical skills such as using a planner, preparing for a test or long term project, keeping materials organized, getting started with a task and maintaining focus can be personalized for your student's particular needs. Should you wish to explore specific EF skills further or dive deeper into how to utilize any of these tools, please visit

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