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be kind to you

I received something very special in the mail the other day. I got a graduation announcement from an old friend. This young man is one of the coolest, most determined people I have ever had the pleasure of watching grow. There was a quote on the announcement that just keeps popping into my thoughts and I think it neatly wraps up what many of us parents, teachers and students need to hold close, especially as this unusual school year draws to an end. The quote is attributed to Mr. Fred Rogers and reads: "It's very important to look inside yourself and find that loving part of you. That's the part that you must take good care of and never be mean to." It is the loving part of us that fuels compassion for others as well as for our self, and keeps us showing up for the hard stuff. I wish this graduate a beautiful path onward and gratitude for the lessons he has been sharing with the world for a long time.

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