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Sensational Kids: Identify & Intervene

a workshop for parents

June 19th & 26th

@ What a Little Birdy Told Me

Some children move through this big world with all of the feelings: tags are scratchy, socks have seams, toilets flush too loudly... Sensory processing issues affect all children differently. Some kids over-respond to sensorial stimulus and the sensations become unbearable. Some children under-respond to tactile and auditory stimulus and have little response to feelings of heat or pain. Extreme sensory input causes many children to avoid or seek the right amount of stimulation for their brain and body to process or interpret sensorial messages. Sometimes, these behaviors are hard to understand. As parents, we all want our children to feel comfortable. If you have noticed some behaviors that may indicate a sensory processing issue in your child, rest assured you are not alone. Know there are simple steps you can take at home to help your child and you probably already have many of the materials. There are words you can use to explain this to family and teachers and there are many research-based strategies and activities that really work. Join with other parents looking to understand their sensational child at our upcoming two-part workshop and come away with information that will help you and your family "feel" better.

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