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Unpacking Executive Function: a primer for teens and parents

We all hear a lot about how important Executive Function skills are to academic success, but sometimes it’s confusing as to what this actually means. Broadly, executive functioning is a person’s working memory, cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control. Specifically, this applies to skills such as planning, prioritizing, time management, paying attention, sustained focus, self-awareness, self-monitoring and self-control. Applied, these are the things that help a person get stuff done! Let's unpack these skills and talk about strategies that will help at home and at school. The last academic year was unusual for many students and it’s a good idea to revisit healthy study habits and reflect on effective skills.

Send your teen or come together and leave with information that will help get the new school year off on the right foot. Please visit , under the tab Summer Series, for more information or to register.

Jennifer Baker Powers, M.Ed.

August 7th * 2-4 pm

@ What a Little Birdy Told Me * 512 E. 9th Street * Lawrence, KS. * 66044


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