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Core Strength, Yoga & Functional Learning Posture: how all of these things go together.

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Join gentle spirit Lucy Diamond-Moore (CMT 100) and me as we look into the connection between pediatric core strength and a children's yoga curriculum. Discover the benefits of yoga and meditation for children and hear about recent research examining the connection between pediatric core strength, functional learning posture and classroom outcomes. Explore the possible relationship between diminished core strength and other diagnoses such as ADD, ADHD and sustained focus. Learn how to spot signs of a weakened core in your child and talk about yoga as an intervention. We will also discuss fundamental features and advantages of kids' yoga classes and how the practice is tailored for the age, needs and imagination of children. Children's yoga can also address social and emotional development through meditation, movement and mindfulness. Enjoy a children's meditation experience and breathing exercise that you can keep up your sleeve for when you and your child need a reset at home. Wear your comfy clothes and bring your inner child. We'll giggle, breathe and be mindful. August 14 * 2-4 pm click here for more info or to register

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